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Kingdom Hearts 1 1/2: The Other Keyblader
Chapter 1: The Discovery in Hollow Bastion
We all know about the adventures Sora, Donald and Goofy took in their original adventure against Xeanhort’s Heartless. At Hollow Bastion, Sora fought against his old friend Riku, who was possessed by Xeanhort, and managed to free Kairi’s heart. In the process, Roxas was born. So, while Sora and friends went after Xeanhort, Roxas’ adventure in Hollow Bastion begun. He wakes in a large chamber dressed in nothing but a long gray shirt stretching down to his knees.

“Where....Where am I?” a voice said. The voice was Roxas. He was laying on the ground in front of the heart shaped door to Hollow Bastion’s keyhole. His eyes slowly opened and he looked at the light shining above him.

“Ugh. My....My head.” Roxas said. He was partially dazed and couldn’t really move much. Just then, two other figures entered the room. One was tall and wearing a gold outfit similar to Goofy’s while a shorter one wore a red suit similar to Donald.

“Hey. There’s somebody here!” one of them said. The two rushed over to Roxas’ side and knelt down.

“You’re right. He’s awake too.” the other said. The big one put his hands on Roxas’ shoulder and shook him.

“Hey there. You all right? Say something.” he said. Roxas’ eyes opened wider and he was looking at Max Goof and Huey.

“Good. He’s all right.” Max said. Roxas sat up and groaned.

“Whoa. Hey. Take it easy. You look kind of dizzy.” Huey said. Roxas looked at Huey and Max.

“Where....Where am I? And who are you?” Roxas said.

“My name’s Max. I came here because my dad was taking a long time coming back from his mission. And this is Huey. He came with me after I stopped by Traverse Town looking for my dad.” Max said. Roxas looked at Huey.

“Howdy!” Huey said. Roxas looked around.

“So.....where is here?” Roxas said.

“Oh yeah. This is Hollow Bastion. It’s supposed to be the main base for Maleficent’s gang and their gang of Heartless.” Max said.

“H..Heartless?” Roxas said. Huey and Max looked around.

“We’d better explain later. I think the Heartless still roam these halls. Can you walk?” Max said. He helped Roxas onto his feet and Roxas looked at the doorway ahead of him.

“Yeah. I think so.” Roxas said. With Huey and Max behind him, Roxas began to make his way down to the ground floor of Hollow Bastion.

“You have a name?” Max said. Huey and Max looked at Roxas.

“Uhh....” Roxas said. He tried to think what his name was. The only thing that came up was Roxas.

“Oh. I’m....Roxas.” Roxas said. Max and Huey shook Roxas’ hands.

“OK then...Roxas. Nice to meet you.” Max said. Huey nodded. Still by Roxas’ side, they were progressing slowly down the paths in Hollow Bastion that Sora left behind.

“Ugh. So....weary.” Roxas thought. With luck, Roxas managed to make it all the way to the ground floor with Max and Huey.

“ came here looking for your dad?” Roxas said. Max nodded.

“Yeah. But since we’ve checked the whole place over, I think it’s safe to assume that he must have left with Donald and the Keyblader.” Max said. Roxas looked at Max.

“The...Keyblader?” Roxas said. Huey nodded.

“Yeah. He’s the guy whose going to help save the worlds. Oopsie!” Huey said. Max looked at Huey annoyed.

“Huey! You’re not supposed to talk about other worlds!” Max said.

“But...I thought it was we couldn’t interfere with the affairs of other worlds.” Huey said. Max stuttered.

“Uhh....that too!” Max said. Just then, they were cut off by a gang of Shadow Heartless.

“Heartless!” Huey said. Huey drew a small staff he had made himself while Max held a gold shield about Goofy’s size but smaller.

“Hey Roxas. Stand back! We’ll protect you!” Max said. He and Huey ran into battle and fought back against the Heartless. But one snuck up from behind and jumped on Roxas. He fell down and the Heartless swarmed over him.

“What the?! Hey! me!” Roxas said. Max knocked away a Heartless before seeing that Roxas needed him.

“Roxas!” Max shouted. But he was attacked by a Neo Shadow while hurrying to Roxas.

“Hey! Get lost!” Max said. Roxas struggled to get the Heartless off him.

“I said....get off!” Roxas said. But there were too many Heartless swarming over him.

“Huey! M...Max! Help!” Roxas said. Soon, his sight was cut off by the Heartless. But in admist of all the darkness, a light shined out to Roxas.

“Roxas....take this....” a voice said. Suddenly, the Heartless covering him went flying off and Roxas stood up.

“What the?! Roxas!” Huey said. Roxas was standing straight up and he was holding the Kingdom Key in his right hand.

“Huh?” Roxas said.

“The Keyblade.....” a voice said. Roxas looked around for the voice but he couldn’t see it. He then remembered that he and his friends were surrounded by Heartless.

“Hey Roxas! You’re all right!” Max said. Huey and Max joined Roxas at his side. He held the Keyblade tightly in his grip.

“Get lost you little pests!” Roxas said. He charged for the Heartless and began to strike them down with a swing of the Keyblade. Max and Huey fought by Roxas’ side and protected him when the Heartless tried to sneak up on him. Roxas managed to slay the last Shadow Heartless.

“Phew. That was a lot of Heartless.” Huey said. Max and Huey turned to Roxas.

“Roxas! That was amazing! How did you do all that? And....where did you get....hey. Wait a second!” Max said. He looked at the weapon in Roxas’ hand.

“That’s....the Keyblade! That’s it for sure! My dad sent me letters telling me about it. I can’t believe I’m seeing it.” Max said. Huey looked at the blade and then at Roxas.

“So....does that make YOU the Keyblader?” Huey said. Roxas looked at the Keyblade in his hand.

“I....I’m not sure. Seriously, I woke up here inside this castle. I’m not sure what’s going on.” Roxas said.

“Well, we’d better keep going. Those Heartless are sure to catch up if we just sit around.” Max said. Roxas and Huey nodded. They started to head out the main gates towards the outer edge.  From behind a pillar, someone in a cloak watched Roxas and the others leave.

“He awakes at last....” the cloaked figure muttered. When Roxas made it outside, he saw the giant waterfalls surrounding the world.

“Wow. Look at the size of those!” Roxas said.

“Yeah. I know. I can’t believe this world either. But that’s not the time. Come on. We have a Gummi Ship docked up ahead. We can leave here by using it.” Max said. Huey and Max followed Roxas down the floating land chunks towards their Gummi Ship.

“Hey guys? Where are we going?” Roxas said. Huey looked back.

“Hopefully, anywhere but here. There’s a lot of Heartless here. I think the Item Shop in Traverse Town is a good place to go.” Huey said. Just then, Roxas felt a pain in his right ankle. He dropped down as Max and Huey gathered by him.

“Whoa. Roxas! You all right?” Max said. Roxas tried to stand up but his ankle stung him each time he tried to stand up.

“My ankle...” Roxas said. Max put one of Roxas’ arms around his neck and held him up.

“Don’t worry. We’ll help you. The ship’s not too far now.” Max said. Working together, they all made it to their Gummi Ship. It was a slightly different model than the one Sora, Donald and Goofy used.

“Is....that it?” Roxas said.

“Yep. Come on. We’d better get out of here.” Max said. They helped Roxas inside and the door closed behind them. Max and Huey went to the control panel as Roxas sat behind them.

“Whoa. This is....” Roxas said.

“A sweet ride? Yeah. Good thing the queen let me borrow this one. The other was taken by Donald and my dad.” Max said. The ship’s engines turned on and it took off towards the skies. The same hooded figure from inside the castle watched them fly away. Just then, two more arrived by his side.

“Did he awake?” one said. The hooded man nodded.

“Excellent. Let’s tell the boss.” the third said. They vanished together as the Gummi Ship left Hollow Bastion. Roxas looked at the many stars in space.

“Phew. That was a close one. I wasn’t sure if we’d leave without a scratch.” Max said. Just then, something hit the back of their ship.

“Whoa! We’ve been hit!” Huey said. Roxas looked back and saw Heartless ships flying after them.

“I can tell where it came from too. Somebody’s chasing us!” Roxas said. Another shot fired out and hit the ship.

“They must be Heartless ships! Hold on! I’ll try and ditch them!” Max said. He navigated the Gummi Ship through the space between the worlds as the Heartless ships followed them. With luck, Max managed to cause some of the Heartless ships to slam into obstacles and blow up.

“Yee haw! Take THAT you dopes!” Max said. But just then, a ship fired rapidly and shot off one of the engines to the ship.

“Oh no! We just lost the right engine! We’re going to lose control if they take out the other one!” Huey said. The ship fired again and they lost the other engine.

“You mean THAT one?” Roxas said. Suddenly, the Gummi Ship went spiraling down towards the depths of space while Max, Roxas and Huey yelled. Their ship crash landed on the deck of another large ship and they caused a loud ruckus to everyone else on board.

“Oh my. What was that crash?” one of them said.

“It sounded like it came from the main deck.” another said.

“Good golly. We’d better have a look.” a third one said. The three of them went up on deck and saw the Gummi Ship crashed nose first into the deck. Roxas, Max and Huey laid out cold on the ground. They were brought back downstairs and rested on the ground.

“Where did these three come from? Hmph. We always get the weird characters.” someone said. Just then, Roxas’ eyes slowly opened and he looked ahead of him.

“Hey. Look. One of them’s waking up.” a girl said. Roxas rubbed his head and groaned. His eye sight was blury but he could make out a girl’s face with brown hair. When his eye sight came around, he was looking right at Kisala.

“Huh?” Roxas said. Kisala smiled.

“Hey. You okay?” Kisala said. With her was Jupis, Deego, Steve, Simon, Lilika, Zegram and Jaster.

“Ugh. Man. What a crash.” Roxas said. He looked at his side and saw Max and Huey still out cold.

“Max! Huey! Wake up.” Roxas said. He shook them and Max was the first to stir.

“Whoa. I think I know why my dad didn’t want me driving yet.” Max said with a groan. Zegram huffed.

“Well, what do you know? We picked up a bunch of punk kids.” Zegram said.


Kingdom Hearts 1 and half Ch 1 by Rebirth08

/ / / ©2008-2016 Rebirth08
This is actually is my idea of what Roxas was doing during Kingdom Hearts after Sora went off to face Xeanhort's Heartless after the Hollow Bastion keyhole was sealed off. And I had another funny idea. If Sora has Donald and Goofy, it should be fairly funny that Roxas is paired with Huey and Max. Since I don't know many Final Fantasy characters well, I added something new to Kingdom Hearts. Roxas and the others meet the Dorgengoa Pirates from PS2's Rogue Galaxy (a game I have been addicted to lately :p)

This is a pure fanfiction for Roxas from Disney and Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts series. I plan to draw the main heroes outfits for this telling of Roxas' secret adventure behind Sora's back.
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